Massage MadLibs

As many of you have been or plan to travel. One of my clients suggested a Massage themed MadLibs , and I said “I had to do it”. Let me know how you like it. Please email me ( your responses or post them on our FB page (Relaxation Advantage Massage) and I will draw a winner on August 15th for a $10 Target or Caribou Card (winners choice).

1. Feeling: __________________
2. Website:__________________
3. Exact time:_________________
4. Color:_____________________
5. Number 1-100: _____________
6. Adjective:__________________
7. Adjective:__________________
8. Body Part:__________________
9. Adjective:__________________
10. Adjective:__________________
11. Beverage:__________________
12. Adjective:__________________
13. Measure of time (plural):____________

– – -(fold here) – – –

My Ideal Massage
I’m so (1)___________! I booked my appointment using (2)__________. When I arrived a few minutes before (3)__________, I was greeted by Dana. The room was (4)____________ and a confortable (5) ____________ degrees with (6)_____________ music playing softly in the background. Dana asked what I would like to focus on today. I replied that I had a/an (7)_________ (8)___________. My massage was (9)__________!
The pressure was (10)____________.

Afterwards, as she handed me a glass of (11)_____________, I said that I felt just like a (12)___________ noodle. I booked my next massage four (13)____________ later. I can’t wait.