Self Care Coaching

Self Care is the 2019 buzz word.  But what does it mean and how does it apply to your life?

Self Care is not a one size fits all solution. Therefore, it must be personalized to you and your life.  In our sessions we start with an assessment inventory and discuss what is important to you and why.  Then we work together to put your plan into place and the resources that you need to achieve it.  We then have check ins to see how the progress being made, accountability checks and celebrate the successes, both big and small!

Often when you are focused on others, you lose track of your own needs.  In the ever changing dynamic of a caregiver’s life, priorities shift.  I will help keep you at a constant mind body balance so that your loved ones can continue to rely on you AND you will not always be at your wits end.

I am a certified wellness professional as well as a caregiver.  Your journey is well known to me both as a special needs mother and as a member of several end-of-life care teams.  I know that we can work together to prioritize you so that you can continue being the caregiver your family needs and thrive.  I privately coached my clients throughout my 20-year career.  This year I am expanding to formalize this program because now the need is greater more than ever.  I have seen too many people living in burnout.

What does the program include?

  • Assessment questionnaire
  • Initial meeting to go over the assessment and outline needs
  • Research into resources and systems
  • Detailed program outlined and customized for you
  • Two check in meetings afterwards (additional check in meetings can be purchased)


Meetings can be in person, online or over the phone.  Timeline for meetings is determined based on your needs (ideally within a 12 week period).


I regularly charge $379 for this program, however, if you start before February 28th, 2019 your cost will only be $297.

To sign up or if you have any questions, email me at

I look forward to working with you and find calm in the chaos.


Hiring Dana as my coach was amazing.  She has a way of cutting to the heart of the problem, allowing me to see a different perspective and she’s funny also.  Now I feel less overwhelmed even when the news isn’t always positive and enjoy my family again

-Deb H, MN.